Raynaud’s Self-help

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Be Empowered

  • Reduce the number of Raynaud's attacks by taking preventive action. Remember: fewer attacks mean fewer problems
  • Eat very well; eat enough; eat often to keep your blood-sugar levels constant
  • Take natural supplements if your diet is not complete
  • Exercise daily to improve circulation. Swing arms; shake legs; climb stairs; walk
  • Protect your skin, particularly from the cold, but also from water as this chills your body

Protect hands and feet:

from cold-

  • Use thermal gloves, socks, and boots to prevent both the drying effects of weather and Raynaud's attacks
  • Look for wool, sheepskin, or Thinsulate. Use new technology warmers like silver gloves and silver socks
  • Use Hand-Warmers and Foot-Warmers, invaluable in cold weather
  • Choose shoes and boots with thick soles
  • Exercise as much as possible to improve blood supply to the skin

from water-

  • Wear rubber gloves to protect the hands with thin cotton gloves inside them to prevent the skin sweating
  • Use barrier creams like Vaseline on your hands/feet inside gloves/socks
  • Always use skin cream after washing

from sun-

  • Use a sunscreen with UVA as well as UVB rating
  • Wear light clothing over the skin wherever possible
  • Do not rely on shade from trees
  • Remember that the sun is most dangerous between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Remember the sun's rays are intensified next to water

What you can do to raise your core temperature:

  • Keep the entire body warm
  • Wear a body-warmer on top of, and a vest underneath, your regular clothes
  • Use hand-and foot-warmers
  • Wear a hat: it returns 30% of body-heat
  • Wear several layers instead of one thick one
  • Allow no gaps: use wrist-warmers, long socks, woolly tights not nylons, boots, ear muffs
  • Don't neglect your legs: increase the thickness of your trousers
  • Put on outdoor clothes 10 mins before going out
  • Pre-warm clothes on the radiator before putting them on
  • Store your clothes in the airing cupboard

What you can do to be warmer in bed:

  • Do not sleep alone in a double-bed, move to a smaller bed
  • Consider your bedding as an entire package, both under and on top of you
  • Get an electric under-blanket
  • Get a woolen pile under-blanket
  • Change from blankets to a high-quality duvet
  • Select a higher-quality duvet from goose-down, wool-fibre, or 13.5 tog polyester
  • Get a woolen fibre pillow or wear a hat in bed
  • Use a hot water bottle (N.B. -only use a hot water bottle if you do not have an electric blanket)
  • Keep a pair of sheepskin slippers just for wearing in bed

 What you can do for yourself:

Be empowered as a patient

  • Write down questions for doctor before appointment
  • Learn what is going on in hospital
  • Take in our information materials to your GP
  • Ask for second opinion or referral
  • Ask for tests if your Raynaud's is severe

Be empowered as a citizen

  • Use our new Social Rights service
  • Keep asking for the help you need



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Information leaflets

A range of helpful literature on Raynaud's and Scleroderma is available

Helpful Tip!

Stay Warm. Avoid gaps in clothing and prevent cold air getting in at the wrists, ankles, neck and waist.

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